Boston Business Journal: Viewpoint: For energy fix in Mass., natural gas capacity must be increased

Dan O’Connell, president and CEO of the Massachusetts Competitive Partnership, calls for a comprehensive legislative solution to the region’s energy needs:

Without immediate and collective action, we are putting our environment, ratepayers, businesses and economy at a severe competitive disadvantage. We are also jeopardizing our 2020 emissions reduction goal. Massachusetts already is consistently one of the most expensive energy markets in the United States. While it is important to continue to work towards a sustainable future, maintaining the status quo will result in these consequences becoming the expected annual reality.

Ensuring a sustainable energy future requires a balanced approach, one that continues our renewable and energy storage efforts and increases our access to natural gas. It is clear that our energy mix is in transition, and we know that Massachusetts will continue to innovate to find solutions to our long-term energy problems, but that takes time.

Therefore, as the Legislature prepares for action in 2019, we urge stakeholders to convene to develop a solution that comprehensively addresses our energy needs.

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