Why are Massachusetts residents paying nearly 1/3 more on their electric bills?

There’s a responsible way to lower our energy costs, generating savings for families and businesses

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Massachusetts is running out of energy

We must act now to close our energy gap and ensure a clean, reliable, and affordable energy future

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We are using coal and oil when temperatures drop

There’s a way to use cleaner sources of energy. Join us in calling for a solution

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Keeping your lights on: What are the experts saying about the future of the power grid?

There may be challenges on the horizon, but we can address them responsibly


Experts are warning us of rolling blackouts

It’s not too late to act. Join us in seeking a responsible solution


We believe in Massachusetts’ energy future —
where renewable sources such as wind, solar and hydro meet the needs of our families and businesses.

Until the reliability and capacity of those renewable sources have increased, we are forced to use carbon intensive fuels like oil and coal to make up our energy shortage. Expanding our natural gas access — the most affordable and cleanest alternative — is the best way to backstop our transition to renewable energy.

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