Massachusetts is Running Out of Energy

Planned and potential retirements mean as much as 1/3 of our energy sources may soon be retired.

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We Have the Highest Energy Costs in the Country

We pay an estimated $1 billion in increased costs annually.

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We Have Serious Reliability Concerns

A perfect storm of problems could result in rolling blackouts.

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We Are Using Oil and Coal to Fill Our Energy Gaps

During winter peak periods, we relied on carbon intensive fuels for as much as 40% of our electricity.

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We believe in Massachusetts’ energy future —
where renewable sources such as wind, solar and hydro meet the needs of our families and businesses.

Until the reliability and capacity of those renewable sources have increased, we are forced to use carbon intensive fuels like oil and coal to make up our energy shortage. Expanding our natural gas access — the most affordable and cleanest alternative — is the best way to backstop our transition to renewable energy.

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