Boston Globe: Massachusetts residents pay the highest average retail price for power in the continental US

In an editorial, the Boston Globe calls on legislators to take action to solve the region’s energy crisis:

An extra dollar a month, to ensure the lights stay on in the dead of winter, might not seem like such a big deal.

But Massachusetts residents already pay the highest electricity bills in the continental United States. The rest of New England isn’t far behind. So a decision last week by federal regulators that cleared the way to add up to another $1 a month for all New England ratepayers, for two years starting in 2022, should set off alarms.

….Now that the costs are starting to materialize, it won’t work to blame ISO New England or FERC, which appear to be doing the best they can to cope with a problem Massachusetts has foisted on the region. For their financial sacrifices, New England residents won’t be getting cleaner power — they’ll just be keeping less climate-friendly generators on life support indefinitely. The Legislature let the problem get to this point, and the Legislature needs to solve it too.

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