E&E News: How Russian gas ended up on U.S. shores

New England policymakers’ resistance to increasing natural gas infrastructure locally has resulted in the region’s greater dependence on natural gas shipped by sea from other countries:

Nevertheless, the cargoes are a startling reminder of the choices New England policymakers have made in regard to their energy security. The region is increasingly gas-dependent, today getting nearly half of its power from gas. Yet many policymakers in the deep-blue region are dead-set against any new gas pipelines, saying that the priority needs to be scaling up renewable energy and phasing out fossil fuels….

All six states in New England have goals to reduce greenhouse gases by 2050, and some, such as Connecticut and Massachusetts, want renewable energy to scale up to a dominant role.

In the present, though, the region’s energy supply is tight and getting tighter, a situation that is highlighted with every winter chill.

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