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Please sign our petition to increase access to clean, reliable energy.

During extreme cold snaps, Massachusetts relies on fossil fuels like oil and coal, causing harm to our environment by increasing carbon emissions. In 2014 alone, this problem was so bad it put the equivalent of 650,000 additional cars on the road for a year.

And things are getting worse. Over the course of 15 days (December 25-January 9), New England power generators used more oil than had been burned during the rest of 2017 and all of 2016 combined — and on some days, oil represented a third of all energy used.

Given that there are abundant supplies of clean-burning natural gas, we shouldn’t have to rely on oil and coal to generate electricity. It’s time to take action to protect our environment by expanding access to affordable, reliable clean sources of energy.

Sign this petition to protect our environment and:

  • End our reliance on oil and coal during the winter months
  • Speed our transition to renewable sources of energy
  • Increase access to cleaner alternatives such as natural gas


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